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    $54.00 SCSophia Shifra Cherlin
    B"H Hashem should give me happy.healthy babiea starting with this one. Should heal my body and my soul and my brain completely for long giving good upright happy healthy life starting tomorrow. No pan or terror Hashem. Just ease and total faith, strength and mercy
    $150.00 AGAliza Gordon
    $50.00 DHDavid Hini-Szlos
    $1,683.00 TATrudy Anderson
    $108.00 JSJanet Semple-Hess
    In honor of my sister in laws birthday, Karen Semple
    $36.00 DSDavid Shinefield
    $100.00 JJamie Lopiccolo
    On behalf of Jamie Lopiccolo
    $250.00 OAOwen, Talya, and Tohar Alterman
    In honor of the bat mitzvah of Leila Snyder. And I’m honor of all that your organization does.
    $250.00 JHJoshua Horton
    I am always happy to hear about the wonderful work your organization does and to hear how Lily and Elan Gotel are a part of it.
    $10,000.00 RERichard Elias