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$0.50 AW Aaron Walker
This is a test to see if the Community Day School students can give their "half shekel" on Purim to you.
$100.00 MK Marcy Kolchinsky
$100.00 SW Susan Woelzl
$100.00 JF Jo Marie Freud
To Susan Cohen: To celebrate the life of your Mom.
$18.00 BG Binyamin Goldman
$100.00 CG Chanie Grossbaum
For all the amazing work you do inside and outside of the organization.
$100.00 CR Carol Rock
Always thinking about you. Stay safe and healthy. So sorry for your loss. Love Carol and Steven
$47.00 CB Chaya Mushka Blumstein
$100.00 JS Jason Stein
Refuah Shalayma for Shira bas Devorah Leah
$50.00 CW Cynthia Wolf
In honor of The life of Delores Schuldinger. May her memory be a blessing.