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    $200.00 DLDavid Larson
    $1,800.00 AWAllan Weitzman
    In memory of my father Cary Weitzman.
    The students from Walnut Creek Middle School's Student Council have decided to donate the proceeds from their Bake Sale to Friendship Circle.
    $250.00 MFMindy Fox
    $200.00 SSShabnam San
    $100.00 BHBarbara & Jim Haye
    $50.00 DGDeanne and Harry Gruenberg
    Listening to the eulogies and reading the Friendship Circle Facebook Page truly showed how very loved and special Shay was to all who knew her. I'm guessing your family didn't even realize just how many people's lives she touched. I hope your memories and the beautiful comments by so many will comfort you in your healing.
    $100.00 MMary Boyer
    In honor of Mary Boyer's 100th Birthday Celebration. Happy Birthday Mary!!! From Tom and Maria Piotrowski
    $1,000.00 mmmichael mishiyev
    $100.00 MWMeredith Austin and Shawn Wright